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Poseidon Database

The Brainwave database "Poseidon" is the core of the Brainwave Platform. It is a Neural database system which does not require any schema. As a Schemaless semantic database, instead of tables and columns, Poseidon uses a patent pending graph architecture. It stores data via 'memes' and 'links'. Memes provide ability to store data and links act as the relationship between them. These are also called as 'neurons'.

A meme can be defined as the fundamental unit of data within Poseidon. It does not depend on anything else and has a 128-bit globally unique identifier, a name and associated aliases and optionally a pointer to a binary file on disk and some metadata.

Links are relationships between memes. Links have no intrinsic value. Rather, their value is derived from their structure and the nature of the relationship they describe. Specifically, a link has an origin (called the subject), a target (called the object) and a modifier (called the verb) which differentiates links between the same subject and object. The subject, verb and object of a link can not only be memes but also other links.

Poseidon Database Components

  • A Meme, also called as Neuron.
  • A link is used to describe a relationship from subject to object.
  • And a verb, denotes nature of a particular relationship
Poseidon Database components
Internal Poseidon representation:

Jack has email

In the example, Jack (subject) has a link to his email address “” (object) with a relationship "email" (verb).
Metadata database link

The schemaless database nature of Poseidon enforces no constraints on data. This is intentional and allows for integration between applications by disallowing any one application to take control of the structure of data. Instead, each application is free to create its own memes and links which are in turn accessible by all other applications. Since the security model is also globally applied across applications, this poses no threat.

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